What to expect when you’re not expecting – to become a preemie parent

Tamiko preemie clothes in the press! The new line will be 100% organic and for up to 2 years.Preemie-nicu-tamiko-2

No one expects to become a preemie parent and nothing can really prepare you for the journey ahead.
Stepping into the NICU for the first time can be a scary experience. You see transparent incubators with tinier babies than you could ever imagine existed. They’re connected to tubes and wires and you hear beeping sounds from everywhere.
Despite all of this, there can be a surprisingly calm atmosphere. The staff seem to have everything under control, which will give you a sense of security in the midst of the emotional roller coaster ride you’ve recently found yourself in. You will come to know why the NICU staff are normally known as angels.

We will do our best to help you find various information about premature births and what to expect as a preemie parent. You will learn more about the NICU equipment and why breastfeeding is so important for preemies, read stories from other preemie parents, and learn about other things you don’t yet understand.
Then you will see tips from preemie parents in the Q&A section, where friends and family will also get advice on how they can help and support the family during and after the NICU stay.
Soon you will also see articles about what to expect when the preemie grows up, and learn about long term issues like learning disabilities, diabetes etc.

More content is being added to the site, including detailed information about breastfeeding for preemies, how Kangaroo Care can be used as pain relief, information for parents expecting multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets). Then there is the Wall of Hope, with pictures of preemies who are now healthy toddlers, kids or teens.

If you want your preemie’s photo on the Wall of Hope, please send one photo from NICU and one recent photo to Tamiko along with birth weight, when your baby was born (week+day), baby’s first name, city (optional) and country.

All the babies you see photos of on this site are now healthy kids!